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BR35 Global is a world-class enterprise that markets the best quality and affordable products that are recognized for its excellence.

As every big success always starts with a small beginning, BR35 Global started as a humble stall in Pasig, Philippines, and began to grow into what it is today, a globally competitive distributor of health-promoting products throughout every nation. 

BR35 Global is strongly dedicated to fulfilling its vision of bringing he best quality life-changing products to those around the world.



JJ Javier

BR35 GLOBAL CORP was born out of JJ Javier’s sincere passion to help improve lives and the health of others – his very definition of the next level of success.

JJ is the young lion of the business industry in the Philippines. He has maintained the highest and most prestigious industry achievement recognized internationally, making this mark consistently for three consecutive years, from 2012 to 2014. This elevated him into the business knighthood stage, and allowed him to travel the world. Along the way, he met various people who encouraged him to keep on moving forward with his dream. His desire to offer the best quality and healthy consumable products, stirred JJ into braving the odds and pushed him to open BR35 GLOBAL CORP. 

JJ is a man of vision, and he firmly believes that BR35 GLOBAL CORP has bravely hurdled the many challenges along the way because he had a strong grasp on his grand goal to provide life changing products to all his customers. He knows that the company will continue to withstand the test of time as he introduced new product to people around the world. As a testament to this achievement, BR35 is now operating and rapidly growing in several branches in Asia, Europe and North America.



VP for


Steve Hoffman discovered early on that he wanted to help build a major company. A graduate of the University of Maryland in Radio and TV, he started out in the news industry at ABC News and Voice of America.


About 13 years into his career Steve decided to go into business for himself. He had the vision to build something big. Steve was very successful early on, which led him to open up a mortgage brokerage company. Within 18 months, that company was recognized around the USA. Steve focused on educating consumers and marketing.


Steve has been a consultant to a number of international companies but was looking for something more.


In January of 2018, JJ Javier asked Steve to come onboard with BR35 GLOBAL CORP, to help spread his vision. Together their plan is to create an even more successful company and open offices around the world.

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